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Watch: Recreating Total War: Warhammer's Battle of Black Fire Pass

How does the final game compare to its flashy reveal?

Oh man, that first Total War: Warhammer reveal. Do you remember watching it? Finally, these two franchises were working together and it looked absolutely incredible. Flying units, magic, giants, a spider the size of a house - this was what we'd always wanted.

But the thing about video game reveals is that sometimes they overpromise. The Total War series has certainly been guilty of that in the past, with many fans still feeling betrayed by the equally impressive Carthage siege used to promote Total War: Rome 2. So how does Total War: Warhammer's first gameplay compare to a near-final version of the game? Join me below as we find out.

Cover image for YouTube videoRecreating Total War: Warhammer's Battle of Black Fire Pass (Reveal vs. Final Game)