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Total War: Warhammer gifts 30 new elite units as a birthday treat

Creative Assembly turns 30.

I was four years old when Creative Assembly started making games! Today the Total War and Alien: Isolation studio turns 30.

By way of celebration, CA is bringing - for free - 30 new Regiments of Renown (elite units) to Total War: Warhammer, six each for Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos, Norsca and Wood Elves factions. The new units will be available 10th August alongside the new Norsca faction DLC.

Among the elite units are such killers as the Butchers of Kalkengard (cowmen with shields), Wyrd Spawn (bulbous monstrosities with big tongues) and Firebark Elders (flaming trees). There's a Birthday Regiments FAQ to cover any extra questions you may have.

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The Norsca DLC are included in the pre-order deal for Total War: Warhammer 2.

Creative Assembly opened its doors in 1987, but it wasn't until 2000 the studio released Shogun: Total War, the first Total War game, and its legacy today was born.

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