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Total War: Warhammer 2's final DLC reworks the Beastmen

The Silence and The Fury.

Creative Assembly has announced Total War: Warhammer 2's final DLC: The Silence and The Fury.

The DLC, due out in July, reworks the Beastmen race "to more closely match their intended playstyle and address their previous issues with horde gameplay", Creative Assembly said.

"With a big focus on progression the Beastmen have a much more engaging and lasting experience."

The cinematic trailer is below:

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The Beastman haven't had any significant content updates since their original introduction to Total War: Warhammer back in July 2016. They're only playable in Total War: Warhammer 2 via the Mortal Empires grand campaign DLC, which itself is only available to those who own both Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2. They're widely considered one of the weakest races in the Total War: Warhammer games, and community polls have indicated they're one of the least-played. Finally, the Beastmen get their due - in the last DLC for the game.

The Silence and The Fury also adds Taurox, the Brass Bull to the game as a new Legendary Lord for the Beastmen. There he is in the snazzy image, below:

And here's the official blurb:

"After embarking on a bloody rampage through Talabecland, Taurox was rewarded by the dark gods with a body of brass... and still, he thirsts for slaughter! As he wins battles, Taurox gains Momentum, and his army can replenish action points to fight and fight again. The longer his kill-streak continues, the greater the gifts bestowed upon him by the ruinous powers. He and his Beastmen hordes will ultimately need to locate the Heart of Darkness, where he will face Oxyotl in a final, decisive battle."

The DLC also adds Oxyotl, the Chameleon Skink, as a Legendary Lord for the Lizardmen:

And here's the official blurb:

"A chameleon Skink of high renown, Oxyotl has a long history of fighting - and succeeding against - the otherworldly forces of Chaos. His prescience enables him to detect where the forces of chaos will strike next and, utilising the network of lost Secret Sanctums across the world only he can capture and develop, Oxyotl can choose which threats to tackle, and reap the rewards of victory. Oxyotl can instantly travel between his capitol, his unique mission areas, and any Secret Sanctums he has rediscovered. Ultimately, he must travel to the Heart of Darkness and face the hordes of Taurox in a final, desperate battle."

That's that for the wonderful Total War: Warhammer 2, which has seen good support in the nearly four years since it came out. The development team is now turning its attention to Total War: Warhammer 3, which has today seen an announcement of its own: Skarbrand is a playable Legendary Lord for Khorne. A trailer is below:

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"As the most powerful melee combatant to ever grace the battlefields of Total War: Warhammer, Skarbrand has a host of unique abilities which improve his battle prowess," Creative Assembly said. "His twin axes, Slaughter & Carnage increase his damage output with every kill made, whilst Bellow of Endless Fury allows him to unleash a devastating fire-breath attack. Beyond these, he also has the passive ability to inflict rampage upon his weak-minded foes, rendering them incapable of retreating from the slaughter he presides over."

All this Warhammer news is coming out of Games Workshop's ongoing Warhammer Skulls event.