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Tetris movie is a sci-fi thriller with an all-Chinese cast

It's estimated to cost $80m and kick off a trilogy.

The previously rumoured Tetris movie is in the works and it's estimated to cost $80m with the plan being for it to be the first film in a trilogy.

As reported by Deadline, Tetris The Movie, as it's currently called, will be a "sci-fi thriller".

The film is a joint venture between the US-based Larry Kasanoff's Threshold Entertainment Group and Bruno Wu's Chinese production company Seven Star Works under the new banner Threshold Global Studios.

Tetris The Movie will star an all-Chinese cast with filming to begin in 2017 in China and other locations.

Kasanoff, who served as producer on Mortal Kombat, True Lies and Strange Days, said of Tetris The Movie it's "not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise."

Threshold Global Studios has been in talks with The Tetris Company for over a year on this and financing has been secured.

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