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Tributes pour in for Jonas Neubauer, legendary Tetris player who has died aged 39

"He was the absolute best."

Legendary Tetris player Jonas Neubauer has died aged 39.

The seven-time winner of the Classic Tetris World Championship died of a "sudden medical emergency" on 4th January 2021, a statement issued on Neubauer's Twitter page reads.

"He was the absolute best," the message continues. "We are devastated, overwhelmed with grief, and we already miss him dearly."

Neubauer, who lived in Kaaawa, Hawaii with his wife Heather Ito, was well-known and much-loved within the world of Tetris esports, and is considered one of the all-time great Tetris players.

Tributes have poured in since the announcement of Neubauer's death late on Friday.

"Filled in deep grief for this huge loss," tweeted Japanese Tetris grandmaster Tomohiro "Green Tea" Tatejima.

"Absolutely he's the greatest ambassador of Classic Tetris. R.I.P. Jonas Neubauer."

"We could have never asked for a greater champ, role model, and friend," read a tweet from the official account for the annual Classic Tetris World Championships. "Jonas, we miss you, we love you, and we thank you for inspiring us to always be our best. Rest in peace."

The video below, from YouTube channel GirlGamerTV, shows Neubauer's victory at the inaugural CTWC in 2010.

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Jonas Neubauer's epic CTWC 2018 grand final defeat against 16-year-old underdog Joseph Saelee is widely credited for kickstarting the recent boom in Tetris esports. The video below has that match in full:

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The next video is Neubauer's last Tetris match at the 2020 CTWC, played just a few months ago.

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A memorial fund for Jonas Neubauer has been set up on GoFundMe.