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Tetris: The Grand Master may be on the way to consoles

Gone in a flash.

It seems that Tetris: The Grand Master is coming to consoles. Just not yet.

Tetris: The Grand Master is a series of tricky Tetris games made for arcades by Japanese developer Arika, popular since 1998.

In a tweet spotted by Nintendo Life, Arika vice-president Ichiro Mihara broke the news that ports of the games were meant to be announced today but "had to be withheld for reasons beyond our control", inadvertently announcing that the games exist at all.

The ports will be of the arcade games, but a new entry in the series may be on the way too, although the licensor "has made it conditional on the success of these ports".

Arika's series is inspired by Sega's arcade Tetris game and the fan-made Shimizu Tetris, and has a particular scoring system. The first game released in 1998 and has seen three further sequels. Tetris: The Grand Master Ace for Xbox 360 is the only current console version.

It's not clear which consoles Tetris: The Grand Master will be released on. If on Switch, it will join the recently released Tetris Effect: Connected.

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