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McDonald's China selling limited edition chicken nugget Tetris toys

What the cluck.

Promo pic for the McDonald's chicken nugget Tetris handheld toy
Image credit: McDonald's

2023 is apparently the 40th anniversary of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, and in most countries the company has launched a campaign giving away nugs for free in order to celebrate.

In China, chicken fans are getting something a bit funkier: Tetris. A chicken nugget shaped McDonald's toy which runs Tetris, to be precise.

The promotion was spotted by Retro Dodo, and McDonald's Chinese website has more details on where people can get one (and why Tetris).

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From what I can tell (based on limited Chinese knowledge because my grandma was unavailable to help translate), it's a bizarre joint promotion for McNuggets' 40th anniversary and Children's Day, which is usually celebrated on 1st June in China. There's some other events being run by McDonald's for Children's Day, but the Tetris nugget is by far the most... eye-catching.

Select locations in mainland China (sorry Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong, China wants you but not like that) are offering the Tetris nugget with any order for an extra 30 yuan (or RMB) which converts to around £3.50. The small handheld also comes with a special nugget-inspired wallet so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged or scratched if you take it out and about with you. Amazing.

The design of the handheld admittedly leaves a lot to be desired. I don't think it looks great to hold, and the plastic is meant to be textured like the coating of a chicken nugget is. As fowl as it is to look at though, I really want one? Happy Meal toys were one of the greatest joys in my childhood, and the Tetris nugget evokes a similar feeling within me. And the game it plays isn't some random old rubbish, it's Tetris!

There's only 400,000 of these Tetris nugs available countrywide, and I shall be forever jealous of anyone who manages to snag one. Weirdly, somehow the McDonald's chicken nugget-shaped Tetris toy has succeeded in bringing the spirit of Children's Day to me. Well played, Ronald.

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