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Watch as you're led around the new Witcher 3 land of Toussaint

You will not be Bordeaux.

CD Projekt Red has released a video showing off the brand new Toussaint region from upcoming Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine.

A two-minute tour of the vast new land (the size of No Man's Land) shows us a sun-drenched Southern France-inspired region untouched by war. We see the fairytale palace of Beauclair, the tourney ground where you'll end up, and we even get a glimpse of the evil stalking the land - the evil you've been hired to get rid of, although it's more complicated than that.

With Blood and Wine, CD Projekt Red aims to set a new visual benchmark for The Witcher 3, and has described Toussaint as "a graphics upgrade from the base game". It's a separate entity that was built from scratch using new and improved techniques, and it runs smoothly too, apparently.

I played Blood and Wine for a few hours recently and was very impressed. It is beautiful, so bright and colourful, and is stuffed with new kinds of boss encounters and monsters and stories and quests. It also gives Geralt a vineyard he can upgrade, introduces a new Mutation progression system, and further tidies the inventory and UI.

Blood and Wine is due out 31st May on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will cost £15.99.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube