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Stellaris breaks Paradox's record for day one revenue

Rocket launch.

Stellaris, the latest massive strategy game from Paradox Interactive, has broken the publisher's record for day one revenue.

Selling over 200,000 copies within its first 24 hours, Stellaris almost matched the sales record currently held by Paradox's surprise city building hit, Cities: Skylines, which cleared an impressive 250,000. But at £35 a pop (more if you opt for the special edition), Stellaris brought in more revenue for the Swedish publisher.

"It is a type of game we have never attempted to do before, and we are immensely satisfied to see this leap of faith work out well, especially with all the positive response we are getting from the players," said Henrik Fåhraeus, Game Director of Stellaris. "We are listening very keenly to all the feedback we are getting and look forward to many years of continued expansions and improvements to the game."

Henrik Fåhraeus also happened to be the project lead for Crusader Kings 2. He's alright in my book.

Anyway, we're glad to see that Stellaris is doing well, because as mentioned in yesterday's review: we think it's excellent. This is perhaps the most approachable grand strategy game to come out of Paradox Development Studio, and also, one of its best.


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