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Stellaris' galaxy menacing Nemesis expansion gets April release date on PC

And Lithoids come to consoles later this month.

Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris' latest expansion, Nemesis, will be making its way to PC on 15th April, and the Lithoids Species Pack is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 25th March.

Nemesis, as its name suggests, finally lets Stellaris players properly embrace their dark side by giving them the opportunity to initiate a crisis. Usually these are late-stage events that mark the arrival of powerful AI forces who'll either perish in bloody battle or eradicate all known life, but Nemesis will let human players mastermind the galaxy's devastating denouement themselves.

First, however, they'll need to perform nefarious deeds and accrue Menace, which is used to ascend through the ranks of evil, eventually unlocking the Aetherophasic Engine - a doomsday device powered with the dark energy created by consuming the stars.

Stellaris: Nemesis Expansion - Story Trailer Pt. 2.Watch on YouTube

Players who'd prefer to cast themselves as heroes can adopt the mantle of Galactic Custodians, using Nemesis's new tools - including espionage and covert operations - to thwart the forces to evil. Both sides will be establish spy networks, gather valuable intel, acquire assets, steal research, and manipulate the truth in their quest for domination.

All that comes to Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store on 15th April with the launch of Stellaris' Nemesis expansion. Consoles players will be able to enhance their space-faring adventures, this time courtesy of the Lithoids Species Pack, on 25th march.

Stellaris: Console Edition - Lithoids Trailer.Watch on YouTube

This smaller-scale expansion introduces a new rock-based species to the galaxy by way of new portraits, a new voice pack, ship models, and unique mechanics for Lithoid Empires. You can get a glimpse of that in the trailer above.

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