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Stellaris' diplomacy focussed Federations expansion is out next month on PC

Performance improvements incoming too.

Paradox Interactive's 4X sci-fi strategy game Stellaris will be getting its previously promised diplomacy boost next month, when fourth major expansion Federations arrives on 17th March.

This time around, the focus is on expanding players' diplomatic options and, to that end, Federations will introduce the likes of Trade Leagues, Martial Alliances, and Hegemony for those looking to "build up the internal cohesion of their Federations".

There's also a new galactic senate, which can vote on a wide variety of resolutions. Empires that hold a position within the senate can sanction those that defy its rules, enact a single galactic focus, or even "sway the senate to position [themselves] as a leader, trading favours and manoeuvring, doing whatever it takes to gain influence among schemers."

Cover image for YouTube videoStellaris: Federations - Story Trailer | Pre-Order now - Available March 17th 2020

Also new to the Federations expansion is the Origins system, enabling players select traits and starting conditions for their empire, plus a range of powerful new constructions. The Juggernaut, for instance, is a massive mobile starbase able to provide repairs even in enemy territory, while the Mega Shipyard can produce fleets at increased speed.

Federations will cost £15.49/$19.99 USD when it launches for PC on 17th March, and will be accompanied by a free update for all Stellaris players. Known as update 2.6.0, this will include significant under-the-hood enhancements designed to address performance issues plaguing Stellaris' late game, as outlined in Paradox's recent blog post.