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Total War: Warhammer will have official mod support

Sigmar be praised!

Total War: Warhammer will launch with official modding tools and Steam Workshop support, as well as a number of mods which are being prepared for day one.

Despite an earlier announcement that suggested this wouldn't be possible due to Creative Assembly's partnership with Games Workshop, the team has apparently been "working away on the paperwork" to make it happen. We're not sure what that means.

Total War fans may recognise a couple of the modders already developing mods for the game's release, with help from the developers.

Dresden is creating the 'Regional Occupation Mod', which will remove Total War: Warhammer's restriction regarding which cities can be occupied by which races. This restriction is new for the series and some players don't like the sound of it - this will no doubt prove a welcome fix, if you find yourself in that camp.

Meanwhile, historical buff Magnar is putting together the 'Legendary Lord Start Position Mod', which will allow players to customise the starting positions of the game's Legendary Lords. The name sort of gives that one away. I probably didn't need to explain it.

Anyway, the Assembly Kit itself is thought to be relatively basic at this stage, but additional features such as battle map editing will be added later in the year.

It's been a positive few days for Total War: Warhammer news, following Friday's announcement that the game's Chaos Warriors DLC will now be free to everyone that purchases the game within the first week.

If Creative Assembly manage to nail the launch itself, this could end up being a rather good video game.

Want to hear more about that Chaos Warriors story? I asked Creative Assembly all about it.Watch on YouTube