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TimeSplitters Rewind project soldiers on

Progress slowed, but has now picked up.

Remember TimeSplitters Rewind, the fan remake of the classic shooter series? It's still being worked on.

TimeSplitters was thrust back into the public eye this week when it emerged that Dambuster Studio had included two levels from TimeSplitters 2 in Homefront: The Revolution.

Dambuster, remember, used to be Crytek UK, which used to be Free Radical Design, which made the TimeSplitters games.

With the TimeSplitters franchise seemingly dormant, a group of fans decided to remake the games - with the blessing of rights owner Crytek.

TimeSplitters Rewind is a standalone multiplayer game that includes characters, maps and weapons from all three games completely rebuilt. It sparked headlines in 2013 when Crytek pledged to support the project.

Things were whisper quiet on the TS Rewind front until earlier in May, when a couple of updates surfaced on the project's website.

"Most of the team has been wrapped up in university work, hardware defects, or both; fortunately, it looks like most of the team is recovering time and we should hopefully be able to share progress on a regular basis once again," reads a post.

The latest update revolves around a model of the Insetick line of characters:

An earlier update from May includes unfinished assets, specifically to do with TimeSplitters 1 level Planet X:

It's clear the people behind TS Rewind still have a lot of work to do, but they sound determined to stick with it. Assuming it does come out, TimeSplitters Rewind will be a free download for PC. Other platforms depend on Crytek approving the release and paying for fiddly bits such as licensing costs.

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