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TimeSplitters Rewind re-emerges with 30 minute gameplay video


Remember TimeSplitters Rewind? The last time we reported on the fan-made recreation of TimeSplitters 1, 2 and 3 was back in 2018. Now, it's reemerged with a 30 minute gameplay video.

For the uninitiated, TimeSplitters was the game some of the key creators of seminal console shooter GoldenEye left Rare to make back in the late '90s (check out our oral history of Perfect Dark to find out the inside story on that). The fast-paced first-person shooter was an early hit on the PlayStation 2, and was quickly followed by a couple of sequels before TimeSplitters 4 fell by the wayside.

In the video below, Jake 'The Voice' Parr, lead writer for TimeSplitters Rewind, says the developers have up to 10 players playing simultaneously alongside 10 bots in many game modes. "The game is looking and feeling really close," Parr said, although there is no launch window yet. 57 people are working on it.

The TimeSplitters IP has been around the block. Crysis maker Crytek picked it up when it rescued Free Radical from bankruptcy in 2009, and then, amid financial troubles of its own, sold the TimeSplitters IP to THQ Nordic in 2018. In August 2019, the news broke that former Rare and Free Radical veteran Steve Ellis had joined THQ Nordic to work on whatever's next for TimeSplitters. That work is going on at Nottingham studio Dambuster.

TimeSplitters Rewind has been knocking about since 2012. The developers are still after help to get the game across the finish line, but it seems closer to release now than in a long time.

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