TimeSplitters Rewind

Concept art for cancelled TimeSplitters 4 shows never-before-seen characters

It feels like the world may never see another TimeSplitters - the humour-infused first-person shooter series from defunct British developer Free Radical Design.

It's a huge shame - 2000's TimeSplitters, 2002's TimeSplitters 2 and 2005's TimeSplitters: Future Perfect were some of the best shooters of their generation, made by many of the same team behind the legendary 007: Goldeneye. There's not been much like them since.

It's widely known that a fourth TimeSplitters was once in development - firstly at Free Radical Design in 2007, and then again after the studio rebranded as Crytek UK. But nothing ever got far enough to be announced.

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Crytek continues TimeSplitters Rewind support as PS4 version announced

Crytek has told Eurogamer it will continue to support TimeSplitters Rewind, the in-development fan remake of the classic British shooter series, as its indie team begins work on a PlayStation 4 port.

Rewind's next-gen console version, announced earlier this week, will support cross-platform play with Rewind's main PC build.

Unlike the PC version, Rewind will allow for classic splitscreen multiplayer on PS4.

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