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No new content for The Witcher 3 after Blood and Wine comes out

"This is the last thing we deliver and we focus on Cyberpunk."

There won't be any new content released for The Witcher 3 after second expansion Blood and Wine, game director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has told me.

CD Projekt Red never promised anything beyond the 16 free pieces of DLC and the two expansions but this is up to date confirmation from the horse's mouth nonetheless.

"Is this the last expansion?" I asked Tomaszkiewicz when I went to see Blood and Wine recently. "Yes," he answered.

"Will there be any more game content released for The Witcher 3 at all?" I followed up. "No," he said, "this is the last thing we deliver and we focus on Cyberpunk."

There will, however, continue to be patches released for The Witcher 3. "The first thing is that we try to fix as many bugs as we can for the second expansion and the main game," he said, "and we will release a patch before we release the expansion and maybe one later."

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RedKit modding support for The Witcher 3 is a trickier issue. The Witcher 3 has ModKit support but not the more capable RedKit tools like The Witcher 2. CD Projekt Red suggested they might come and then suggested they might not, but never closed the door entirely.

Whether we will ever get RedKit for The Witcher 3, Tomaszkiewicz - game director - didn't seem to know. "I don't got such information to be honest," he said. "We want to support our community and I hope that we will do something."

Tomaszkiewicz will "probably" go and help on Cyberpunk 2077 after Blood and Wine comes out, as will most of the 100 people working on the expansion. But he won't take lead on it; studio director Mateusz Kanik will do that.

"But maybe I will get something new," teased Tomaszkiewicz, "we'll see."

CD Projekt Red plans to have four teams working on games; two big teams, two smaller teams.

The major focus will naturally be Cyberpunk 2077, not due until after 2017, and there are plans for another blockbuster game to be released before 2021. Whether the latter one will be a Witcher game I don't know. I've been led to believe the studio will take a break from the IP, but it would be silly - given its success - not to return to it at some point.

"Personally I hope that someday in the future we will do something more because I love the setting and I work on The Witcher games around 12 years right now," he said. "But I don't know what we will decided. The strategy plan they've got they will share with us soon. We'll see."

CDPR has another game planned for 2016 it described in a financial presentation as, "A new type of video game format previously unexplored by the studio." I don't know what this is.

Maybe at E3 in June things will become clearer.

In the meantime, why not hear all about my time at Witcher School? It was cold and it was hard - but it was kind of brilliant too.Watch on YouTube

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