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Trine dev's stealth adventure Shadwen gets a release date

Coming to PS4 and PC in a fortnight.

Trine developer Frozenbyte will launch its upcoming stealth adventure Shadwen on 17th May for PS4, PC, Mac and Linux.

It will cost €16.99 / $16.99, though the computer versions will be on sale for €14.55 / $14.55 at launch.

Shadwen places players in the role of an assassin who's found herself in charge of protecting a young girl named Lily. Players can kill guards, but this will have an effect on how Lily views you.

Like Superhot before it, time in Shadwen only moves when you do. And like Braid, you're able to rewind at any time.

As was the case with the Trine series before it, Shadwen will place a lot of emphasis on physics-based puzzles as you avoid traps and tinker with the scenery.

See how Shadwen looks in action in its latest trailer below:

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