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Trine developer Frozenbyte reveals time-manipulating stealth game Shadwen

Time only moves when you do.

Trine developer Frozenbyte has announced its next game, a new fantasy stealth IP called Shadwen.

You play as an assassin named Shadwen tasked with killing the king. Along the way you'll partner up with a little girl, leading to ethical conundrums about whether slaying guards is perhaps not leading the best example upon your surrogate daughter. As such, there will always be non-lethal options.

Shadwen's most unique mechanic is time manipulation. Like Superhot, time in Shadwen only moves when the character moves. You'll even have the option to rewind time (which I assume will be limited, but perhaps it will be more of a Braid-like puzzle affair).

As was the case with Trine before it, Shadwen will emphasise physics manipulation as you can use ropes to drag and topple objects, creating cover and traps.

"The stealth genre has been in a slump for years. Guns blazing and invincible heroes is not stealth. Yearly revisions like sports roster updates is a crap way of doing games," said Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen. "Shadwen will bring the genre back to its roots, with sneaking and hiding the main course of action. We will also explore the moral consequences of killing through our characters."

Take a look at how Shadwen looks in action in its debut trailer below:

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