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Titanfall 2 leak details larger maps, new grappling hook gameplay

Things to mech and do.

Titanfall 2 has added a grappling hook, according to a new leak.

Artwork and gameplay details for Respawn's sci-fi shooter sequel were posted anonymously on Reddit last night.

Grappling hooks will apparently have multiple uses, such as "getting into your Titan, aiding free-running, or tactical plays such as pulling enemies while they're midair".

Can mechs now wall run too?

The poster also provided artwork which matches and expands on an image partially visible on the official Titanfall site.

The setting looks larger than the areas found in Titanfall 1, and the poster has said that the sequel's maps will now be bigger. This makes sense - Titanfall 1 had to squeeze itself onto Xbox 360, something which Titanfall 2 does not.

The post also states Titanfall 2 will be released this October. If true, this will mean it'll launch in the same month as Battlefield 1, also from EA. The publisher itself has so far only confirmed Titanfall 2 for a vague fiscal third quarter (1st October - 31st December) window.

Titanfall 2 is also set to introduce mech swords, a recent teaser revealed:

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