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Titanfall, Apex Legends veterans form new studio Wildlight Entertainment

Has been "quietly working on a new IP for some time".

A group of games industry veterans - consisting most prominently of former Respawn Entertainment developers with credits on the likes of Titanfall and Apex Legends - have teamed up to form new "remote first" studio Wildlight Entertainment.

Wildlight has been founded by Dusty Welch and Jason McCord (who'll act as CEO and design director respectively), with Chad Grenier serving as studio head and game director. Grenier was previously game director on Respawn's hugely popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends before leaving the studio after more than a decade at the end of last year.

Grenier is joined by another high-profile former Respawn team member, Mohammad Alavi, whose design credits include Infinity Ward's original Modern Warfare series and Titanfall. Prior to his departure from Respawn in 2021, Alavi was working on an unnamed "single-player adventure" - a reportedly now-canned project set in the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe.

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Wildlight currently lists 28 team members on its website, and it's an impressive bit of reading, with credits spanning the likes of Call of Duty, God of War, Halo, and Uncharted. All but three have previously worked on either Apex Legends or Titanfall at Respawn.

Wildlight describes itself as a "fully-funded entertainment studio hyper-focused on creating big, bold, original gaming universes of epic quality and scale". It says it's been "quietly working on a new IP for some time" but notes that "it'll be a bit before we can say more".