Respawn's slick multiplayer shooter is the shot in the arm the genre needs.


Titanfall's card battling spin-off has been cancelled

But another Titanfall mobile game is planned.

Titanfall 2 confirmed for Q4 launch

Mechs, magic and swords. Oh my!

Titanfall is coming to Origin Access next week

Making it the 17th title to appear on The Vault.

Titanfall 2 due this year, according to McFarlane Toys

Toy manufacturer makes first official mention of "Titanfall 2".

New Titanfall game and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming in the next 14 months

Star Wars: Battlefront shipped 13m units, surpassing expectations.

Xbox Live Gold members can play EA Access Vault games free this week

Battlefield! Dragon Age! FIFA! Titanfall! More!

Feature | Titanfall: One year on

Battle of attrition - how Respawn's shooter has evolved, and how it plays today.

Titanfall sequel will be multiplatform, Respawn confirms

Would like to make maps free for future games.

Titanfall and Season Pass bundle just £10 on Xbox this week

Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space cut to just £3.

Titanfall's Xbox 360 version to receive co-op next week

Along with all the other update eight goodies.

Titanfall's "biggest update ever" adds new co-op mode tomorrow

Also adds ranking systems. Two more new modes due in November.

Titanfall's next new game mode ditches titans

UPDATE: Out on PC and Xbox One tomorrow.

Digital Foundry | Performance Analysis: Titanfall revisited

The latest patch promises "delicious frame-rate optimisations". Has Respawn delivered?

Titanfall adds in-game currency, ability to buy Burn Card packs

"We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions."

Titanfall reveals its second DLC pack Frontier's Edge

UPDATE: Arrives for PC and Xbox One on 31st July.

Titanfall update four adds new features, Marked for Death mode

Balance changes, bug fixes and matchmaking.

CTF will return to Titanfall PC following player complaints

"It's obvious that lots of people were upset."

Titanfall PC removes CTF and Pilot Hunter from public playlists

Now accessible only in Private Matches or Variety mode.

Video | Video: Titanfall DLC live stream

Expedition sets off at 5pm BST.

Titanfall to add "extreme" 144fps support - on PC

Major patch detailed, no change in Xbox One resolution.

Video | Video: Titanfall's three new maps shown off

UPDATE: Dated for this week on Xbox One and PC.

Titanfall Xbox 360 DLC "will naturally follow behind"

But, on the plus side, Bluepoint will make it.

Titanfall sold 925K retail copies in the US during March

Respawn and EA sign on for a new publishing agreement.

Titanfall's upcoming VR simulator map War Games has been revealed

Touted as "one of our most wallrunning friendly maps".

Sony wanted Titanfall developer Respawn to work on Vita

"Almost half" of Respawn involved in Activision legal battles.

UK chart: Titanfall back top thanks to Xbox 360 version

Kinect Sports: Rivals arrives in 14th.

Titanfall: Expedition DLC drops next month

Runoff! Swamplands! Wargames!

Digital Foundry | Tech Interview: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Digital Foundry talks to Bluepoint Games on how the Respawn epic made its way onto last-gen hardware.

Titanfall Xbox 360 won't come to Games on Demand

"We felt that it simply did not represent the true Titanfall experience."

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Digital Foundry's exhaustive cross-gen comparison between PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Titanfall update adds private matches

Along with a host of other changes.

Digital Foundry | Performance analysis: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Be advised on last-gen native resolution and frame-rates.

Video | Video: Titanfall Xbox 360 live stream

Stomp around with us from 5pm BST or watch the replay.

Titanfall on Xbox 360 will run at over 30fps

And contain all the content of its next-gen forbear.

Microsoft: Twitch app boosted Xbox One usage

Titanfall, unsurprisingly, the most broadcast Xbox One game.

EA's Origin ditches physical discs

"What does this mean for you? If you're among 99 per cent of our users, absolutely nothing."

Titanfall matchmaking tweaks now available to try

Skill data used to help losing teams.

Titanfall Xbox 360 version delayed again

Now pushed back into April.

Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

Is, predictably, the UK's number one game.

Video | What Outside Xbox makes of Titanfall

Plus seven reasons Wolfenstein might not suck and thoughts on Dark Souls 2.

Video | Watch us play Titanfall from 12pm GMT

Prepare for... a man playing Titanfall for eight hours straight.

Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

Now only a "narrow margin" between them.

Respawn fighting Titanfall cheaters

Update for private lobbies in the works.

Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore

"Eight years, three months, I don't know how many days."

Video | Titanfall live stream today at 5pm GMT

We're also giving away weekend passes for EGX Rezzed.

Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503

UPDATE: Problems solved. EA apologises.

Digital Foundry | Titanfall tech interview

Digital Foundry talks with Respawn about the cloud, the beta, the day-one patch and more.

Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

"It's almost all audio," explains Respawn.

Recommended | Titanfall review

Final verdict from live servers.

Digital Foundry | Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

Respawn: "We're trying to optimise... we don't want to give up anything for higher res."

Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at £19.99

Three expansions planned, each containing new maps and other TBA stuff.

Major Xbox One update rolled out

5.1 Dolby Digital! 50Hz output! More!

Podcast | Podcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous

Which incidental details in games do you remember?

Titanfall's 15 maps revealed in new leak

Prestige details! Modes! Monsters!

GameStop selling Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £370

£30 lobbed off estimated retail price. Who's next?

Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

Thanks early adopters, but don't expect a retroactive refund.

Xbox One Titanfall bundle spotted

Listed for same price as standard Xbox One.

Feature | Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

If you're feeling jaded and dismissive, like I was, then pay attention.

Video | Watch us play Titanfall

Be advised - yesterday's stream in full.

Titanfall beta data mined, new maps discovered

Plus perks, modes, even SplitScreen.

Video | The seven Titanfall words you need to know

And more videos from Outside Xbox.

Digital Foundry | Watch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

1080p60 video downloads plus resolution analysis.

Feature | Titanfall preview: You say you want a revolution?

A day with Respawn's shooter gets us closer to figuring out whether it can live up to the promise.

Titanfall beta sign-up opens for PC and Xbox One

UPDATE: Beta now open to everyone on Xbox One. PC should follow.

Titanfall on Xbox 360 slips to late March

For "finishing touches" to ensure "awesome experience."

Xbox One firmware update will let you manage storage

New multiplayer and party changes in place before Titanfall.

Titanfall's PC system requirements revealed

UPDATE: As expected, it requires Origin.

Titanfall PC, Xbox One beta confirmed, rumoured for Valentine's Day

The Xbox 360 version is being handled by Bluepoint Games.

Microsoft launches viral Titanfall promotion

Xbox One advert hacked with clues to in-game extras.

Titanfall test gameplay footage hits the internet

Textures reduced to 25 per cent resolution, Respawn says.

It looks like there's going to be a pre-release Titanfall test

UPDATE: Respawn confirms "limited technical test".

Xbox One's limited edition Titanfall controller looks like this

UPDATE: Price named - we're not meching it up.

Titanfall maximum player count is 6v6

"We had it higher at points in testing, this felt best."

Titanfall won't launch with mod support

Respawn says it "will have to evaluate after launch."

Titanfall dev shows off new Ogre and Stryder titan classes

Will have no Kinect features as it "didn't fit the game".

EA denies it's rushing Titanfall development

"This game will not only be highly rated, but very highly rated."

Titanfall will remain exclusive to Xbox One, 360 and PC forever

UPDATE: Respawn co-founder says this only applies to "this release," not the series.

EA announces Titanfall PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One release date

UPDATE: In the UK on 14th March, £249 Collector's Edition available.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 will last three more years

Will ship over 100 games for Xbox 360.

EA insists it's not favouring Microsoft over Sony

Despite Titanfall exclusivity and FIFA 14 Xbox One deal.

Feature | Where are the Xbox One role-playing games?

Phil Spencer on the Xbox One launch lineup, Japan and more.

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

Xbox One, the cloud, the Source Engine - and the 1080p60 question.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Titanfall

Digital Foundry's take on the new shooter from developers who wrote the book on console 60fps gunplay.

Feature | Have traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

Titanfall dev demystifies Xbox One cloud following "a lot of confusion online"

Offers more than just dedicated servers, Respawn engineer says.

You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One, says Major Nelson

"Gamers are going to love our vision of the future..."

Digital Foundry | Titanfall E3 2013 video at 720p60

A compilation of 60fps action from the Microsoft E3 2013 conference. We recommend Google Chrome for watching this video on PC.

Digital Foundry | Titanfall E3 2013 video at 60fps

A compilation of 60fps action from the Microsoft E3 2013 conference. We recommend Google Chrome for watching this video on PC.

Feature | The big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

On self-publishing, controversial connectivity and a long-term commitment to gamers.

Will Titanfall ever come to PlayStation? Respawn and EA weigh in

"It's definitely not out of the question..."

Respawn's Titanfall confirmed for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

UPDATE: Due out spring 2014, 360 version outsourced.