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Respawn gives definitive-sounding answer on possibility of more Titanfall, then backtracks

"Who knows what the future holds..."

Apex Legends developer Respawn has backtracked on a definitive-sounding statement regarding the future of fan-favourite series Titanfall.

Earlier this week, Respawn's Jason Garza gave a refreshingly frank answer when asked by a fan about what was going on with Titanfall these days. In short: nothing much at the moment, as the studio was so busy.

But as coverage of his comments gathered steam, Respawn this morning issued a new statement via Twitter aimed at press coverage of the matter, deliberately muddying the waters.

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"'Before you go, can we have any comments on Titanfall?' Garza said earlier this week, reading out a viewer question while livestreaming. "Yeah, it's a game with a lot of mechs," he joked at first.

"Don't get your hopes up man," he continued. "I've said this before. It's just... we don't have anything in the works. There's nothing. There's nothing there. We've got too many other games in the works right now."

While disappointing for anyone who enjoyed Titanfall 2's campaign as much me, that statement is also fair enough. It's a straightforward response which sets expectations while Respawn continues to be very busy developing the hugely successful Apex Legends, plus whatever's next for fans of its popular Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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Today, however, Respawn issued this fresh statement, clearly meant to keep the hopes of Titanfall fans alive a bit longer:

"Contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA," Respawn wrote. "Who knows what the future holds..."

Which is, y'know, a good thing to say if you are secretly making a Titanfall game. But also a pretty teasing one to say if you're not, according to one of your own employees earlier in the week.

Respawn gets asked repeatedly about the future of Titanfall, and repeatedly it has given more or less the same answer. Back in May 2020, Respawn boss Vince Zampella said something not too dissimillar to what Garza did this week: "there's nothing currently in development" but "it's always there".

This year, Respawn also said it was adding Titanfall nods into Apex Legends, since the two share the same universe - though has mostly been focused this summer on the repeated "SaveTitanfall" hacks which have impacted both games.

So... who knows what the future holds? Only Respawn, I guess.