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Titanfall and Apex Legends studio seeks new senior director with "multiplayer FPS experience"

Titan-ing up the ranks.

Apex Legends developer Respawn is recruiting a design director with "multiplayer FPS experience" to join its incubation game team.

While there are no clues about whether the position will contribute to a new franchise or an existing one, the fact Respawn is applying its first-person shooter chops to an unannounced game is welcomed news for many shooter fans, particularly as the studio's Star Wars project - reported to be a Mandalorian game - was cancelled amidst EA's recent cull of 670 employees.

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Whatever the project is, don't expect a gameplay trailer any time soon, though. The position is described as "a rare leadership opportunity to drive the game design on a new incubation project in the early stages" – pre-production, in other words – which suggests we're a long way off getting concrete details yet.

As for whether or not it's a new Titanfall game? Right now, it's impossible to say. We know the team remains keen to keep the franchise alive, however, as earlier this year, we learned that a small team in Respawn was working on a new game set in the Titanfall universe. But even though it's being led by the director of the first and second Titanfall games, Steve Fukuda, the team was quick to shut down speculation that it may have been Titanfall 3. Sorry.

That's not to say Respawn hasn't been flirting with a Titanfall sequel, though. Last year, former Titanfall designer Mohammad Alavi revealed Titanfall 3 was in development for almost a year before Respawn cancelled it in favour of Apex Legends. Fans have been hoping for a new Titanfall game for a while now, and Respawn CEO Vince Zampella has said he would "love to see it happen", albeit "at the right moment in time".

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