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Watch: Impressive levels built in Doom's new map editor

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

Greetings, Eurogamers. It's a bank holiday in the UK and if "time immemorial" is anything to go by, this means relentless rain for all three of our days off. Conditions are therefore perfect for parking yourself in front of three of our videos.

Similarly gloomy are the industrial corridors of Doom's demon-infested Martian outpost, though with the SnapMap level editor that comes with the game you can introduce a little levity by designing not just maps, but new game modes and missions as well. Here are five maps that demonstrate just how flexible that editor is.

Cover image for YouTube videoDoom Gameplay: 5 Most Impressive Levels Built In Doom's Minecraft-like SnapMap Editor

It never rained in the original Mirror's Edge, but that's just one of the many new features in Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Apparently that's progress? Watch us negotiate terrible weather, among other things, in this gameplay footage.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Mirror's Edge Catalyst on Xbox One - Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Finally, we attempt in Show of the Week to differentiate cartoony, class-based shooter Battleborn from cartoony, class-based shooter Overwatch. We are mostly successful.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: Battleborn and 5 Battleborn Heroes Rated for Huggability

That's all from Outside Xbox for another week, at which point the British weather will hopefully have remembered June is less than a month away. Until then, see you over on our YouTube channel for more of this sort of thing.