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John Romero's unofficial fifth Doom episode Sigil delayed until April

Due to "a few snags in production".

John Romero has announced that Sigil, his upcoming "unofficial spiritual successor to The Ultimate Doom's fourth episode", has received a slight delay.

Sigil, which was announced on December 10th last year, in celebration of Doom's 25th anniversary, was originally anticipated to release in mid-February 2019, so around about now. It's a completely free episode (although several physical editions were available to purchase), and will include nine single-player and nine death match levels.

Notably, Sigil will be distributed as a megawad - the same special asset-bundling file format used by Doom back in 1993 - meaning that players will require a copy of the original game in order to play it. Incidentally, those Doom-less among you might like to know that The Ultimate Doom is currently discounted to £1.59 on GOG, if you're keen to prepare for Sigil's arrival.

In a post on his blog, Romero explained that Sigil's delay was the result of "a few snags in production" relating to the game's rather swanky, retro-themed (although sadly now sold out) physical releases, which are being created by Limited Run Games.

Sigil's Big Box and Beast Box editions, which will include the game on USB, along with other assorted paraphernalia, are now expected to ship "sometime in April". Romero says that the free version of Sigil will be released once boxed copies are in paying customers' hands.

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