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John Romero announces Doom spiritual successor Sigil

On the original's 25th anniversary.

Legendary game maker John Romero has announced Sigil, "an unofficial spiritual successor to The Ultimate Doom's fourth episode".

The announcement comes 25 years on from 10th December 1993 - the day the original Doom launched. That's a quarter of a century ago! Just to make you feel old.

Sigil contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels, and will be released for free in mid-February 2019. As a megawad, you'll need the original Doom (not the remake) to play it.

Intrigued to see it in action? You're in luck! Romero is currently sreaming Sigil right now on Twitch:

And here's former id boss John Carmack with some eloquent words on why he's so proud of Doom today:

Meanwhile, Doom publisher Bethesda dropped this 25th anniversary trailer today. It shows some of the dozens of platforms which have played host to the original Doom game over the years, as well as some of the sequels, remakes, spin-offs and other nonsense inspired by the original classic.

It's quite loud:

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