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Bethesda announces top-down mobile shooter Mighty Doom

Bloody hellfire.

Mighty Doom
Image credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has announced a Doom spin-off for mobile phones developed by Zenimax-owned Canadian studio Alpha Dog.

Mighty Doom is a cartoony top-down single-touch shooter featuring the new Mini Slayer character.

It's set in the "animated Doom universe", which I did not know was a universe until today.

Here's the announcement trailer, which includes some gameplay.

Watch on YouTube

And here's the official blurb from Bethesda:

"Run and gun your way through hordes of adorably violent demons, iconic levels, and challenging bosses as you level up, unlock powerful skills, and upgrade gear and weapons."

The trailer mentions Mighty Doom also has "rogue-lite gameplay".

Mighty Doom comes out 21st March on iOS and Android.

The last mainline Doom release was 2020's Doom Eternal, developed by iD Software. Bethesda has yet to announce its next game.

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