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Unreleased Doom 4 footage revealed online

To hell with it.

Previously unreleased footage of the canned Doom 4 game has been revealed.

Documentary YouTube channel Noclip shared the footage in its latest video, focused on the development of Doom 2016.

It begins, however, with a first look at Doom 4 which was later scrapped.

Doom's Ray Tracing Upgrade

The first clip is a combat encounter with an imp, featuring the series' iconic shotgun. It certainly has a much slower pace and realistic aesthetic compared with the frantic action of Doom 2016.

The second, very short, clip is of melee combat, which fittingly ends with a gory finisher.

The footage was uploaded by Noclip as part of its mission to preserve video game history.

As GameSpot notes in a previous Noclip video from 2016, Doom 4 executive producer Marty Stratton explained the game was cancelled because of a lack of personality that felt like a Call of Duty clone.

"We explored a direction and got to a certain point and felt like this really wasn't capturing what we felt like was going to be a strong Doom and what the fans would want from it," he said.

Doom Eternal is id's most recent Doom game, which was surprisingly ported to the Switch.

Unreleased Doom 4 [cancelled] & Doom 2016 Development Gameplay

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DOOM (2016)

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