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Doom secrets, collectibles guide: Where to find all hidden secrets, plus Doom Switch differences explained

Where to find all those hidden objects, whether on PC, console or Switch.

2016 offered a very pleasant surprise - after a disappointing multiplayer beta, the Doom campaign is so much better than we originally feared. It's that it's frankly been a long time since we had a straight-up, old-school first-person shooter campaign with this much meat on its bones.

It may not be a huge game, but it's got a lot to it, and that includes a plethora of Doom secrets, collectibles, easter eggs, and well-hidden upgrades.

Here we introduce you to our pages to help you locate every classic Doom level, Doomguy model collectible, Automap Station, Field Drone, Elite Guard, Rune Trial, Argent Cell, and more besides.

Plus, with the release of the new Switch version, a run down of the Doom Switch differences you can expect. Spoilers - it's very similar to the PC and console versions, so all our guides below will work just fine.

Cover image for YouTube videoDF Retro: Doom - Every Console Port Tested and Analysed!
DF Retro: Doom - Every Console Port Tested and Analysed!

Our Doom secrets, collectables guides

So what are you looking out for? Doomguy collectibles are just cute little extras which will get you an Achievement/Trophy called "Every Nook and Cranny". The classic Doom levels are recreations of some of the great level designs of past Doom games which are a pure hit of nostalgia. But there's more to many of these hidden secrets than pure completism or curiosity; there are gameplay benefits, too.

Rune Trials, meanwhile, unlock permanent perks for your character. Field Drones unlock powerful weapon mods. Argent Cells upgrade your health, armour or ammo capacity. Automap Stations unlock the full map for each level, and can help you chase down all the other upgrades and collectibles.

Elite Guard corpses reward you with Praetor Points that upgrade your armour. They're all well worth seeking out if you want to stretch your character's capabilities to the fullest.

Doom Switch differences

In late 2017, Doom branched out from PS4, Xbox One and PC to come to handhelds via the Nintendo Switch. It's not the exact same game, but it's surprisingly close, with most of the same features and arenas, and some visual compromises to ensure it runs well on a handheld.

Cover image for YouTube videoDOOM Nintendo Switch / Xbox One Graphical Comparison

What's different with Switch on Doom:

  • Framerate halved from 60 frames per second to 30 frames per second
  • Resolution maxed out at 720p
  • Some visual compromises to run at the targeted framerate and resolution
  • No SnapMap level editor
  • Multiplayer not available on the physical cartridge - must be downloaded separately

Otherwise, Doom on Switch features the game's full campaign, arcade mode and multiplayer - including all modes and post-release DLC on other versions.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds.