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Speedrunner sets new world record for Doom... 3?!

Sprints through campaign in under 65 minutes.

With all the hullabaloo around id Software's shockingly sterling Doom reboot, folks have been revisiting previous Doom titles. One such series fanatic, YouTuber Corpseflesh, even set a new world record for blazing through 2005's Doom 3 in record time.

It seems like only yesterday that these were cutting edge graphics.Watch on YouTube

Playing through the game's easiest Recruit setting, Corpseflesh sprinted through Doom 3 in 64 minutes and 58 seconds.

This is an "any per cent run", mind you, so they're not snagging all the secret goodies.

Corpseflesh was playing the BFG version of Doom 3, which contains a couple of expansions. These aren't included in the run, though Corpseflesh also set new world records for these in the past few days.

They bested Resurrection of Evil in 32 minutes and 20 seconds, while just earlier today Corpseflesh sped through the Lost Mission content, on Nightmare difficulty, in 24 minutes and 17 seconds.

At the rate they're going Corpseflesh is bound to chisel down some time off these. They're being pretty active on Twitch at the moment trying to set a new record. But hey, if you wanted to see how the new Doom compares to the old-but-not-too-old Doom 3, it's a nice way to jog your memory and marvel at the runner's skill.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

If you're curious how these stack up against speedruns of the current Doom, those are down to about 90 minutes at the moment.