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Doom speedruns have already gotten under 90 minutes

UPDATE: Nightmare mode run comes in at 102 minutes.

UPDATE 19/05/2016 4.58pm: DraQu has set another new Doom speedrun record, this time on the hardest Nightmare difficulty. It only took them 101 minutes and 45 seconds to make this happen.

DraQu noted that they failed at the Titan's Realm skip and had to reload a checkpoint, and they also died to a boss once. "The upgrades aren't optimised yet and I'll look into those a bit more," the runner added.

Given that they only died once, it won't be long before they can tackle a speedrun on the permadeath enabled Ultra Nightmare mode.

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ORIGINAL STORY 18/05/2016 8.10pm: Doom speedrunner DraQu has set a new record for id Software's FPS reboot with a new run today ending in 89 minutes and 58 seconds.

Granted they're playing on the game's easiest setting, I'm Too Young to Die, and it's an any per cent run - meaning they don't go out of their way for secrets - but it's still mighty impressive.

As you can see in the run, DraQu takes advantage of some glitches by climbing scenery not meant to be climbed, and clipping through walls when doing so, but there's still an awful lot of ground that they cover in a tremendously brief period of time.

Prior to this the record was at 90 minutes and 54 seconds, also by DraQu.

You can watch the entire playthrough in action in the video below:

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