Doom 3 BFG Edition


Speedrunner sets new world record for Doom... 3?!

Sprints through campaign in under 65 minutes.

If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay £76

UPDATE: Bethesda: "We're looking into options" for those who want to buy the original Doom 3.

UK chart: FIFA 13 scores fourth week top, 007 Legends in 12th

Skylanders, Doom 3: BFG Edition in top 10. Dance Central 3 flops.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Doom 3: BFG Edition

Digital Foundry assesses id Software's in-house remastering.

Digital Foundry | Doom 3: BFG Edition DFPC 768p vs. 1080p Video

The Digital Foundry PC running Doom 3 BFG at maximum settings, with 2x MSAA. Performance is almost perfect, as you'd hope it would be with a game of this age. Here we pit our token resolutions, 768p and 1080p, against each other and find only the latter d

Digital Foundry | Doom 3: BFG Edition Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

Additional layers of anti-aliasing, plus excellent motion blur differentiate PC from Xbox 360.

Digital Foundry | Doom 3: BFG Edition PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison Video

The two console versions battle it out - in terms of image quality there's not much in it, aside from dynamic scaling artifacts and torn frames.

Digital Foundry | Doom 3: BFG Edition PS3 vs. PC Comparison Video

The weakest SKU faces off against the strongest in this head-to-head video.

Digital Foundry | Doom 3: BFG Edition Performance Video

Cut-scenes and gameplay analysis of the console versions reveals a marked 360 advantage in places.

Digital Foundry | What's new for PC in Doom 3: BFG Edition?

A computer conversion of a console remaster of the PC original?

Digital Foundry | Doom 3 PC: Original vs. BFG Edition Video

Comparison video pitting the 2004 original up against the 2012 BFG edition on PC.

Installing Doom 3 BFG on Xbox 360 makes Dooms 1 & 2 unplayable

UPDATE: Bethesda notes the games will still be playable, but must be accessed through the dashboard.

Feature | Oculus Rift impressions: It's amazing until it makes you want to hurl

The VR goggles' central flaw and what's being done to fix it.

EGX | Dishonored and Doom 3 BFG Edition playable at Eurogamer Expo

Get the UK's first public hands-on with Bethesda's latest.

id Software: Doom 4 will be "done when it's done"

Doom 3 BFG Edition trailer is set in hell, but looks heavenly.

Snazzy VR headset takes to Kickstarter with the Oculus Rift

UPDATE: John Carmack has nothing to do with it.

Feature | John Carmack on Virtual Reality - Uncut

By popular demand, a complete transcript of our E3 interview.

Digital Foundry | What Went Wrong with Stereo 3D?

Why mainstream 3D is losing traction and how John Carmack could change everything.

Carmack: next-gen visuals "will be what we already have, but a lot better"

"In many ways I am not all that excited about the next generation."

Feature | John Carmack and the Virtual Reality Dream

VR is back - and it works! We chat to id's mad professor and try his amazing homebrew headset.

Doom 3 BFG Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Remastered version with hours of new content, plus Doom and Doom 2.