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One of Street Fighter 5's greatest mysteries solved

Oh, so that's what he says.

Street Fighter 5 players have had a few months with the game and are getting to grips with the characters and how everything works.

But one mystery had remained unsolved.

F.A.N.G., perhaps the most unusual character in the game, has perhaps the most unusual Critical Art in the game.

He leaps into the air, flaps his arms like wings, and drops poison bombs on the arena floor.

Fine. That all makes sense. But what some players had never worked out was what F.A.N.G. said as he did his Critical Art.

Watch the Critical Art in the video below (skip to the 45 second mark).

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What does F.A.N.G. say? I always thought it was something along the lines of "Atomic Blooper!", even though this made no sense whatsoever. But then, F.A.N.G. doesn't make much sense, either, so why not?

Well, now we know the truth, courtesy of the voice actor behind the words. F.A.N.G. actually says: "I'll turn into a bird!"

So there we have it. Street Fighter 5's great mystery solved.

F.A.N.G. isn't the only character with hard-to-make-out dialogue. Zangief, apparently, does not say "Muscle Portfolio!" during his Critical Art. I kind of wish he did, though.

Hold on, does anyone know what F.A.N.G. stands for?