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Watch Sega's 1996 training video for game testers

Here we are now, entertain us.

A training video Sega put out in 1996 for rookie video game testers has been released to the internet at large by the production company behind it, Green Mill Filmworks.

The 28-minute "trainumentary" was filmed at Sega of America's office in Redwood City, California and boy does it capture life in the 90s.

It makes Sega of America seem like a fairly grueling place to work with hours ranging from a reasonable 40 to multiple claims of 90 or more, though you might not notice between the butt rock music and MTV editing designed to get new recruits pumped about their new gig.

"We've got jocks who are into sports game, we've got guys who are in Dungeons & Dragons guilds that are running around throwing dice and playing around with all their friends," says lead tester Dave Dodge. "It's never boring around here. You can always find someone with an extremely different background than your own." Truly, Sega of America was the great melting pot envisioned by F. Scott Fitzgerald at the conclusion of The Great Gatsby.