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Meanwhile, there's a new map in Unreal Tournament

Over what?

Amid the noise around Doom, Overwatch and the er, less noise surrounding Battleborn, it's easy to forget Epic is still plugging away on a new Unreal Tournament.

We've been covering the work-in-progress Unreal Tournament reboot for two years now as it slowly inches forwards. It's team is modest in size and its development is being taken at a steady pace, based on feedback from the arena shooter's loyal community.

And two years on, the game is certainly looking very lovely. Last night Epic unveiled a new map, the game's fourth. Underland is a swampy arena housing ancient ruins. It's also a Deathmatch level for six to eight people.

Unreal Tournament is still in pre-alpha, and you can download and play for free. There's no release date as of yet.

Long-time Unreal Tournament fans will recognise many of the fan-favourite weapons from UT games of old, alongside the return of classic map Facing Worlds.

Here's Underland in action:

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