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The Last Guardian re-emerges, on track for 2016 release

And now Trico can fire lightning from his tail.

After years of waiting, legendary PlayStation project The Last Guardian will finally launch this year.

A blow-out of new information on the game has confirmed the title is still on track for launch in 2016. There's details too of new gameplay mechanics and a few snatches of fresh footage.

This month's Edge magazine has details of a mirrored shield for the game's young boy protagonist - so far so Zelda.

Trico, his enormous cat-eagle friend, can fire red lighting from his tail.

The Last Guardian's story will centre on the relationship between the two as the pair slowly grow to trust one another.

"Since this is the year we will see the game's release, I do have some worries," director Fumito Ueda wrote. "But I'm also very excited."

There's also gameplay impressions over on IGN, although beware some early story spoilers.

The Last Guardian began development back in 2007, a year after the PS3 launched, but became stuck in development hell. Sony re-announced the game for PS4 at last year's E3.

You can watch footage and behind the scenes clips in the video below, along with commentary from Ueda. At one point he mentions how making Trico feel like a living creature was only something he finally felt satisfied with in the last couple of months.

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