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One of Japan's most terrifying 3DS games is being localised for the UK

Teddy Together coming out this July.

Kumatomo, a curious Nintendogs-esque game from Bandai Namco that came out on Nintendo's 3DS a couple of years back, is being localised for the UK this summer.

Rebranded as Teddy Together, it sees a bear moving into the player's house brandishing a mysterious key. Over time and through interacting with the bear - talking to it, feeding it and clearing up after its mess - you'll eventually learn its true purpose. Maybe the final thing's not quite as sinister as it is in my head, but the Japanese trailer from 2013 (discovered via TinyCartridge) isn't exactly reassuring.

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Teddy Together is out in the UK on July 1st, and features Amiibo support for compatible figures. Be afraid.

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