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Watch a combo master complete Street Fighter 5's toughest trials one-handed

Desk at his best.

Street Fighter combo master "Desk" has taken Street Fighter 5 to task and completed the game's hardest trials one-handed.

Each character in the game has 10 combo trials, the 10th being the hardest. In the video, below, Desk blasts through all the trial 10s one-handed. It's pretty impressive stuff!

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Desk's exploits will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with his work. His combo videos are perhaps the best around. Lately, he took the recently-released Street Fighter 5 DLC character Guile for a spin in a couple of impressive combo videos:

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Watch on YouTube

But Desk has been doing the one-handed combo thing for a while now. Check out his Super Street Fighter 4 one-handed combo compilation video, below:

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What next? Perhaps Desk will perform combos with his nose.