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Watch: So, is Doom any good? Find out live, at 1pm

Can Ian survive four hours in hell?

I've just realised it's Friday the 13th today. What an incredibly appropriate day to release a video game about murdering a never-ending army of bloody thirsty hell-spawn.

Anyway, the decade-long wait is over and the new Doom is finally here - but is it any good? Our review may not be ready yet - we only just got hold of the game ourselves - but fear not. I'll be streaming four hours of Doom from 1pm today, so why not join me live and see if it lives up to your expectations?

I'll mainly be concentrating on the single player campaign but I'll also try to show off a bit of Snapmap, the in-built map editor that actually looks really cool. There might even be some time left over for me to destroy a few of you in the multiplayer.

See you in the stream, Marines!

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DOOM (2016)

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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