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Footage leaks of unreleased Star Wars strategy game

Watch it AT-AT once.

Back in January, Eurogamer published artwork and gameplay details of Star Wars: Outpost, a PC and mobile strategy title which had been in development for two years at LucasArts before being canned.

Now, footage has surfaced online which looks to be from the same project - although, this time, displaying a look at actual gameplay.

The video below first popped up on Vimeo last night, apparently posted by the project's art director. The footage was subsequently removed, but is still available on YouTube below:

Watch on YouTube

Outpost fell victim to a cull of LucasArts Star Wars projects undertaken shortly before Disney bought LucasFilm, along with other casualties such as big budget adventure Star Wars 1313 and Battlefront-style shooter Star Wars: First Assault.

We've heard mention of Outpost a couple of times now, first as a Farmville clone and then from someone better in the know as a mix of EVE Online and Settlers of Catan.

At the time of its cancellation, Eurogamer was told, Outpost was "about 90 per cent" complete.