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Shadow of the Beast remake will include the original Amiga game

As well as its soundtrack as an unlockable.

The upcoming Shadow of the Beast remake will include an emulated version of the 1989 original Amiga adventure.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the original Shadow of the Beast will be unlockable somewhere in the main game - though it's not clear exactly how just yet.

Furthermore, the original game's score by David Whittaker will also be unlockable for players who earn enough mana.

The new default soundtrack will be composed by Ian Livingstone. "Ian investigated and utilised many unique instruments to help realise a truly haunting soundtrack. Fans of the 1989 game's music will notice many elements and themes familiar to them have been subtly woven into the soundtrack for our modern take," said Heavy Spectrum CEO Matt Birch.

The Shadow of the Beast remake will also include unlockable concept art as well as a hi-res scan of the original game's box art by Roger Dean. "Play the game well enough and it can be unlocked to view and zoom in on so you can examine his incredible work in exquisite detail - an incredible chance for fans of the original cover and Roger's work!" Birch said.

Shadow of the Beast will launch 17th May exclusively on PS4.

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