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Here's new gameplay of the Shadow of the Beast remake

Does it claw you in?

Sony's released a new gameplay video that gives us an updated look at the Shadow of the Beast remake.

The video, below, focuses on combat, but also touches on platforming, exploration and puzzle solving. There's an upgrade system, too, called Wisdom of Shadows.

As for the combat, the main thing I took from the video was block. Block a lot.

When you're not blocking, you have basic attacks, counters, stun moves, throws, special attacks, evades and dodge rolls at your disposal. It looks pretty fluid.

There's a big focus on getting a high score. The combo multiplier is critical for this. It's applied to every kill. But if you take damage, or use the Rage Chain ability, your combo multiplier is reset back to one. So, if you want a big score, you need to avoid getting hit. That brings us back to block.

Shadow of the Beast, made by developer Heavy Spectrum for PlayStation 4, is due out on 17th May.

Cover image for YouTube videoShadow Of The Beast | The Beast Unleashed - Annotated Gameplay Trailer | PS4