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Fallout: New Vegas modder is adding Superhot combat

The Mojave just got even hotter.

Fallout: New Vegas may be over a half decade old, but plenty of modders are still tinkering with Obsidian's sequel. Earlier this year we saw someone making a multiplayer mod, while another updated its looting UI to be like that of Fallout 4, and yet another modder is making an expansion as big as the original game's Mojave desert. Now, YouTuber Xilandro is altering Fallout: New Vegas' combat to play like that of delightful first-person puzzle shooter Superhot.

Cover image for YouTube videoSUPERHOT "Slash, deflect, destroy"

Superhot, for those of you unaware, is a shooter where time only moves when you do. Stand still and bullets will freeze (well, slow down to a crawl anyway) in mid-air.

Xilandro is still finalising the Fallout: New Vegas Superhot mod, but expects it to be ready in a "few days".

This isn't Xilandro's only ambitious Fallout: New Vagas mod, as they're also working on adding a controllable fighter jet to the game.

We at EG headquarters really liked Superhot. Our Chris Donlan recommended it and noted in his Superhot review that it's "that rare piece of charmingly curated violence that dares to provoke difficult thoughts."