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One of Fallout 4's best features is now a mod for New Vegas

Quick, loot!

One of Fallout 4's best features has been modded into Fallout: New Vegas - and it makes the game a lot better to play.

Modder Xilandro took the quick loot system from Fallout 4 and popped it into New Vegas. Fallout 4's quick loot system makes the process of looting more seamless. You can scan what's on a body or inside a bin just by walking up to it, then cherry-pick from there. This is a good thing, because in Fallout 4, there's a lot to loot, and even junk has value because it's used in crafting.

Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian, has a more archaic loot system by default, similar to the one used in Fallout 3 before it and Skyrim after it. So if you're interested in playing New Vegas for the first time or returning to it (you should, it's superb), make sure to download Xilandro's quick loot mod.

The video, below, shows the mod in action. You can grab it from NexusMods.

Speaking of Skyrim, there's a version of Fallout 4's quick loot system for that game, too. Modders leave no stone unturned, do they?

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