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Here's how Hitman's first Elusive Target went down

Including one of the most creative kills we've seen yet.

Hitman's first Elusive Target went live over the weekend, giving players one - and only one - chance to eliminate a certain target. As it turns out, 53 per cent were able to successfully complete the mission.

That includes our very own Ian Higton. Regrettably, it does not include yours truly, who forgot how long it take to snuff someone out through strangulation. Tsk, tsk.

An especially efficient 9.9 per cent were able to complete it with the Silent Assassin accolade, meaning they caused no alerts or left any bodies in plain sight. Smooth!

Someone even managed to do that within 34 minutes of the mission first going live. Another was able to complete the mission only six minutes after it launched, granted they didn't do it Silent Assassin style.

While the leaderboards may say otherwise, the real winner of Hitman's first Elusive Target was YouTuber TheKotti, who used a remote detonated breaching charge to fling a fire extinguisher onto a balcony and into the target's face (as seen in the video below). Indeed, the best assassins make it look like an accident.

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