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DICE teases today's Battlefield 5 reveal via Call of Duty poop emoji

Meanwhile, ex-Battlefield boss fuels WW1 speculation.

Battlefield 5 will be unveiled tonight at 9pm UK time, via a trailer posted online.

This morning, DICE developer Randy Evans teased the company's big announcement using a poop emoji - in an apparent nod to last week's Call of Duty reveal.

Call of Duty's official Twitter account teased the fact Infinite Warfare will be accompanied by a Modern Warfare remaster by replying to a years-old fan message.

Last night, DICE released the first snippet of in-game footage, although it was difficult to determine anything from the tease.

Still, some fans have said the character's costume supports the rumoured return to a historical setting.

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And, adding fuel to the fire, ex-Battlefield exec Ben Cousins has now posted the following message on Twitter, which links to PC World War 1-era shooter Codename Eagle.

There's a live event in London tonight mark the announcement, and we'll be giving up our Friday night pub duties to attend.

We'll have the reveal as soon as its live.

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