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Battlefield 1 Codex Entries - All requirements to complete every objective in campaign and multiplayer

All 198 entries listed, from weapon kills to stealth playthroughs in the story.

New to the series are Battlefield 1 Codex Entries, serving as in-game achievements tracking activities across both the campaign and multiplayer, and unlock logs that provide additional insight into the events of the First World War.

Some require kills with specific Battlefield 1 weapons that you must unlock and buy with War Bonds, others have you play the campaign a certain way, such as stealth runs or finding every Field Medal.

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Battlefield 1 Codex Entries list

Below is a list of all 198 entries split across five categories and their requirements. You'll get an on-screen prompt once they've been unlocked, and can read their information within the 'Soldier' area of the main menu.

The Weapons Codex Entries

Codex EntryRequirement
K-BulletsKill an enemy with a K-bullet
OpticsAs a Scout, perform 1 Marksman Headshot
M1914Perform 10 kills with the M1914 Taschenpistole
1903 HammerlessPerform 10 kills with the 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol
M1909 Benet MerciePerform 10 kills with the M1909 Benet Mercie Light Machine Gun
MG15 N.APerform 10 kills with the MG15 n.A Light Machine Gun
Watch Your StepPerform 10 kills with Tripwire Bombs
Walking FuryPerform 10 kills with the Sentry Elite Class
QF 1 Pom-PomPerform 10 kills with the QF 1 AA
Pieper M1893Perform 5 kills with the Peiper M1893
C96Perform 5 kills with the C96 Carbine
Lange Pistole 08Perform 5 kills with the P08 Artillerie
Queen of the BattlefieldPerform 10 kills with the Heavy Machine Gun
Selbstlader M1916Perform 10 kills with the Selbstlader M1916 Rifle
Mle 1903 PistolPerform 10 kills with the Mle 1903 Pistol
Gewehr 98Perform 10 kills with the Gewehr 98
Gewehr M. 95Perform 10 kills with the Gewehr M. 95
Russian 1895Perform 10 kills with the Russian 1895 Rifle
Bar M1918Perform 10 kills with the BAR M1918
P08 PistolPerform 10 kills with the P08 Pistol
Holes Through SteelPerform 10 kills with the Tank Hunter Elite Class
C96 PistolPerform 10 kills with the C96 Pistol
Model 10 ShotgunPerform 10 kills with the Model 10 Shotgun
12G AutomaticPerform 10 kills with the 12g Automatic Shotgun
Selbstlader 1906Perform 10 kills with the Selbstlader 1906 Rifle
Burning ManPerform 10 kills with the Flame Trooper Elite Class
M1897 ShotgunPerform 10 kills with the M1897 Shotgun
Hellriegel 1915Perform 10 kills with the Hellriegel 1915 Submachinegun
MP18Perform 10 kills with the MP19 Submachinegun
Kolibri PistolPerform 10 kills with the Kolibri Pistol
Modello 1918Perform 10 kills with the Modello 1918 Submachinegun
Gasser M1870 RevolverPerform 10 kills with the Gasser M1870 Revolver
Mars Automatic PistolPerform 10 kills with the Mars Automatic Pistol
The Empires BestPerform 10 kills with Elite Class Weapons
1911 in YorkPerform 5 kills with the M1911 Special
Formmer Stop PistolPerform 10 kills with the Formmer Stop Pistol
British BulldogPerform 10 kills with the British Bulldog Revolver
Madsen MGPerform 10 kills with the Madsen Light Machine Gun
The Lewis GunPerform 10 kills with the Lewis Machine Gun
Cei-RigottiPerform 10 kills with the Cei-Rigotti Automatic Rifle
Model 8 AutoloadingPerform 10 kills with the Model 8 Autoloading Rifle
Huot Automatic RiflePerform 10 kills with the Huot Automatic Rifle
Frommer StopPerform 5 kills with the Frommer Stop Auto
IncomingPerform 10 kills with Mortar
No. 3 RevolverPerform 10 kills with the No. 3 Revolver
Auto RevolverPerform 10 kills with the Auto Revolver
Melee WarfarePerform 10 kills with Melee Weapons
Bodeo 1889 RevolverPerform 10 kills with the Bodeo 1889
Anti-Tank MinesPerform 10 kills with Mines
Hand GrenadesPerform 10 kills with Grenades
Boom Boom BoomPerform 10 kills with Dynamite
Infantry Support WeaponsPerform 10 kills with the AT Rocket Gun
M1907 SelfloadingPerform 10 kills with the M1907 SL Rifle
Martini HenryPerform 10 kills with the Martini Henry Rifle
MondragonPerform 10 kills with the Mondragon Rifle
M1903Perform 10 kills with the M1903 Rifle
SMLE MKIIIPerform 10 kills with the SMLE MKIII Rifle
Repetierpistole M1912Perform 10 kills with the Repetierpistole M1912
Modello 1915 PistolPerform 10 kills with the Modello 1915 Pistol
M1911 PistolPerform 10 kills with the M1911 Pistol
Howdah PistolPerform 10 kills with the Howdah Pistol
C-93 PistolPerform 10 kills with the C-93 Pistol

The Vehicles Codex Entries

Vehicle Codex EntryRequirement
DR.1Perform 20 kills with Fighter Planes
SPAD S XIIIPerform 15 kills with Fighter Planes
Sopwith CamelPerform 10 kills with Fighter Planes
Gotha G.IVPerform 10 kills with Bomber Planes
Caproni CA.5Perform 5 kills with Bomber Planes
Salmson 2Perform 20 kills with Attack Planes
Rumpler C.IPerform 15 kills with Attack Planes
M.A.S. Torpedo BoatPerform 5 kills with the M.A.S. Torpedo Boat
DreadnaughtPerform 10 kills with the Dreadnaught
Naval WarfareDestroy an enemy Behemoth
Hell on RailsFocus fire and destroy a part of an enemy Behemoth
Giants of the SeasFocus fire and destroy a turret of an enemy Behemoth
Halberstadt CL.IIPerform 5 kills with Attack Planes
The FT TankPerform 10 kills with the FT Light Tank
Artillery TruckPerform 10 kills with the Artillery Truck
Albatros D. IIIPerform 5 kills with Fighter Planes
L30 AirshipPerform 10 kills with the Airship
MC 18J SidecarRide in Side-Car Motorcycles for 3 minutes
EV4 Armoured CarPerform 5 kills with Armored Cars
RNAS Armored CarPerform 10 kills with Armored Cars
RAC Armored CarPerform 15 kills with Armored Cars
KFT ScoutRide in Cars for 1 minute
M30 ScoutRide in Cars for 3 minutes
37/95 ScoutRide in Cars for 5 minutes
MC 3.5HP SidecarRide in Side-Car Motorcycles for 1 minute
Terni Armored CarPerform 20 kills with Armored Cars
"The Brisfit"Perform 10 kills with Attack Planes
The Armored TrainPerform 10 kills with the Armored Train
The Mark V TankPerform 10 kills with the Mark V Landship
The A7V TankPerform 10 kills with A7V Heavy Tank

The Tactics Codex Entries

Tactics Codex EntryRequirement
SniperPlay for 30 minutes as the Scout Class
Suppressing FirePlay for 30 minutes as the Support Class
Breakthrough at LastWin 1 game of Operations
Trench RaidingWin 1 game of Rush
Trench WarfareWin 1 game of Team Deathmatch
Battery BeyondCollect all Field Manuals in Cape Helles
Bringing Down GiantsDisable the engine of an enemy Behemoth
Decoys in WW1As a Scout, have one of your Decoys destroyed
CamouflageAs a Scout, kill another Scout with your rifle
DemolitionsPerform 1 Debris Kill
There's Always a FirstCollect all Field Manuals in Steel on Steel
Guerilla WarfareCollect all Field Manuals in Hear the Desert
Tank ShockCollect all Field Manuals in Over the Top
Going BeneathPerform 5 kills with the Sawed Off Shotgun
Infantry TacticsComplete a Squad Order 3 times
Alpine WarCollect all Field Manuals in O Tutti Accoppati
Gone ChemicalCollect all Field Manuals in Fog of War
Nowhere to HideObtain 10 spot assists with the Spotting Flare
SyringePerform 5 revives with the Medical Syringe
Shock TrooperPlay for 30 minutes as the Assault Class

The War Codex Entries

War Codex EntryRequirement
Body ArmorPerform 3 Headshots
Modern MarvelsPerform 1 Avenger Kill
Among Peaks of KingsComplete Avanti Savoia!
Towards CambraiComplete Through Mud and Blood
The DardanellesComplete The Runner
Forgotten DesertsWin 1 game of Sinai Desert
AL-FAWWin 1 game on Fao Fortress
Villers-BreonneuxWin 1 game on Amiens
Le ChateauWin 1 game on Ballroom Blitz
KaiserschlachtComplete Operation Kaiserschlacht
Conquer HellComplete Operation Conquer Hell
Iron WallsComplete Operation Iron Walls
A European Powder KegStart the campaign
Observation BalloonsDefeat 5 enemies while on foot in Over the Top
Guiding BessGet through the forest without being detected in Fog of War
A True KnightFly in planes for 30 minutes
Stealing TanksRetrieve all engine components undetected in Breakdown
Farina ArmorDefeat 5 enemies with grenades in O La Vittoria
Vittorio VenetoWin 1 game on Monte Grappa
Where Eagles DareDefeat 10 enemies with your sidearm in O Tutti Accoppati
Into Argonne ForestWin 1 game on Argonne Forest
Forest CombatGet through the forest without any melee kills in Fog of War
Tank HuntersRetrieve the first engine component in Breakdown
BeutepanzersDestroy one of the captured Mark V tanks in Steel on Steel
The Daring OnesJoin the fight as an Arditi Elite Troop in O La Vittoria
Tank CrewsRide in tanks for 30 minutes
First AidPerform 10 heals
The HandymanPerform 10 repairs with the Repair Tool
Gallipoli MythsCollect all Field Manuals in Be Safe
Trench RunnersCollect all Field Manuals in The Runner
Arab RevoltComplete Nothing is Written
Dawn of DogfightsComplete Friends in High Places
Unsung HeroesWin 1 game of War Pigeons
Bourlon WoodDon't let the tank get damaged before clearing the village in Steel on Steel
Oil of EmpiresComplete Operation Oil of Empires
Vein of the EmpireWin 1 game of Suez
The St. Quentin ScarWin 1 game of St. Quentin Scar
Guns of AugustWin 1 game of Conquest
Tanks in the DesertKill one of the officers by using a tank in Young Men's Work
Jousting with DragonsCollect the Field Manual in Forte et fidele
Colonial TroopsPerform 3 Kill Assists
Horses and PigeonsRescue a squad mate by killing his attacker
Coming TogetherCollect all Field Manuals in O La Vittoria
They Shall Not PassComplete the campaign
Storm of SteelPerform 10 kills with Stationary Weapons
The AdriaticWin 1 game on Empire's Edge
To Be AceFinish the target practice in Test Flight
Dicta BoelckeDon't lose the trial during the chase in Test Flight
Aircraft SupportCollect all Field Manuals in Breakdown
No Man's LandReach no man's land undetected in Fall From Grace
Booby TrapsUse tripwire bombs to kill 2 enemies in Fall from Grace
Drip GunDefeat 10 enemies with a sidearm in The Runner
Torpedo ExploitGet 10 headshot kills in Cape Helles
The Big GunsCall in the offshore barrage in Cape Helles
Beyond BeliefWitness the explosion of the mountain side in O Tutti Accoppati
FortressPerform 10 kills with the Fortress Gun
African American TroopsComplete Break of Dawn
Sedd El BahrDefeat 10 enemies with melee attacks in Be Safe
Bloody AprilHave at least four bombers survive a bombing run in Total War
GeologyDefeat 5 enemies with rifle grenades in The Runner
Strategic BombingDestroy the fort in Total War
What Century is this?Perform 10 kills with Cavalry Weapons
Combat MedicPlay for 30 minutes as the Medic Class
T.E. LawrenceKill one of the officers with a melee attack in Young Men's Work
Gertrude BellKill one of the officers by using a bolt-action rifle in Young Men's Work
Desert CarsDestroy the three vehicles while undetected in Hear the Desert
Airborne CannonsDestroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et fidele
Gotha Raids on LondonTake down the bombers in Forte et fidele
The BedouinFind the book without being detected in Hidden in Plain Sight
The Hejaz RailwayScout the crash site in Hidden in Plain Sight
German Anti-Tank TacticsDestroy all field guns in Over the Top
Planes Above the SandKeep at least 2 field guns operational in Hear the Desert
River ClydeDefeat 5 enemies with grenades in Be Safe

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The World Codex Entries

World Codex EntryRequirement
The British EmpireWin 1 game while playing as British Empire
The United StatesWin 1 game while playing as United States of America
Austria-HungaryWin 1 game while playing as Austro-Hungarian Empire
The German EmpireWin 1 game while playing as German Empire
The Kingdom of ItalyWin 1 game while playing as Kingdom of Italy
The Ottoman EmpireWin 1 game while playing as Ottoman Empire
Mata HariKill the last living member of a squad
In War We Are EqualWin 1 game of Domination
A War in FranceCollect all Field Manuals in Fall from Grace
Total WarPerform 3 Suppression Assists
A Changing WorldPerform 1 Multikill
CelebritiesCollect all Field Manuals in Hidden in Plain Sight
Women RiseCollect all Field Manuals in Young Men's Work

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