Battlefield 1

Battlefield remixes the formula for its move to WWI, resulting in a patchy but playable campaign and outstanding multiplayer.


Jelly Deals | Battlefield 1 is free on PC through Prime Gaming

You'll just need a Prime subscription to get it.

Battlefield 1 headlines November's Xbox Live Games with Gold

Race the Sun! Assassin's Creed! Dante's Inferno!

DICE has made two more Battlefield expansions free until next week

BF1's Turning Tides and BF4's Second Assault.

BioWare's Anthem will launch spring 2019, EA confirms

To give it "some free air" away from this year's Battlefield.

No, 2018's Battlefield game isn't Bad Company 3

Dissecting the week's Bad reports.

Battlefield 1's Nivelle Nights map coming to all players

But DICE's shooter still has a split userbase problem.

Battlefield 1 expansion In the Name of the Tsar has a release date

Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

More than 19 million people have played Battlefield 1

Over half of FIFA 17 players tried The Journey.

EA details Battlefield 1's next big expansions

Four packs bringing 16 new maps.

Video | Have a quick look at tomorrow's free Battlefield 1 map

While Ian guides you through the changes inbound for DICE's shooter.

Digital Foundry | Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17: Frostbite shines on PS4 Pro

EA's cutting-edge engine delivers impressive upgrades on both titles.

Battlefield 1 Guide - Tips and tricks, what's new and everything you need to lead your team to victory

Everything you need to excel in Battlefield 1's multiplayer, out now.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks, Scrap and Puzzle pieces explained

Get your head around multiplayer's consumables.

Battlefield 1 unlocks list and how to spend War Bonds

Get those Warbonds ready - where's when every weapon becomes available as you play.

Battlefield 1 Kolibri - How to get the tiny gun Kolibri in multiplayer

How to get the tiny 2mm caliber sidearm for all classes.

Battlefield 1 Codex Entries - All requirements to complete every objective in campaign and multiplayer

All 198 entries listed, from weapon kills to stealth playthroughs in the story.

Battlefield 1 Weapons stats list - Complete gadget and weapon list with damage, accuracy and more

A breakdown of the many firearms, sidearms and melee weapons you can use in multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class loadouts and strategies - Rifles, Syringes, Grenade Launchers and more

Everything you need to know for mastering the Battlefield 1 Medic Class.

Battlefield 1 Support Class loadouts and strategies - LMGs, Mortars, Ammo Crates and more

Everything you need to know for mastering the Battlefield 1 Support Class.

Battlefield 1 Elite Classes - How to get them, Flame Trooper, Sentry and Tank Hunter loadouts

Everything you need to know about Battlefield 1's Elite pickup-based classes.

Battlefield 1 Maps - list of all Behemoths, Vehicles, and Modes for each map

Everything you need to know about Battlefield 1's distinctive multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 1 Scout Class loadouts and strategies - Sniper Rifles, Decoys, Tripwires and more

Everything you need to know for mastering the Battlefield 1 Scout Class.

Battlefield 1 Pilot, Tanker and Cavalry Class loadouts and strategies - Carbine, Cavalry Sword and more

Everything you need to know for mastering the specialist Battlefield 1 Pilot, Tanker, and Cavalry Classes.

Battlefield 1 Assault Class loadouts and strategies - SMGs, shotguns, AT Mines and more

Everything you need to know for mastering the Battlefield 1 Assault Class.

Video | Watch: 4.5 hours of Battlefield 1 gameplay in our epic launch day live stream

War! What is it good for? Streaming, evidently, from 12.30pm.

Here's our first look at the Battlefield 1 campaign

"Lawrence of Arabia is put in a true underdog situation."

DICE reveals Battlefield 1 launch maps and modes

I didn't realise release was Sassoon.

Xbox One S gets painted military green for 1TB Battlefield 1 console

UPDATE: Pretty blue and grey paint jobs also UK-bound.

Battlefield 1's beta ends this Thursday

While Conquest gets a slight tweak for the last few days.

CS:GO pros fight for $100,000 at EGX 2016

Plus: Playable Battlefield 1, Horizon and Dawn of War 3.

EA Gamescom 2016 live report

Guns, balls, robots. It's all here from 6.15pm.

Battlefield 1 open beta launches this month

UPDATE: Now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

Battlefield is going to be a TV series

Company behind True Detective involved!

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry: Hands-on with console Battlefield 1

The full technical lowdown on the closed alpha, with bonus PC comparisons.

Video | Watch: 90 minutes of Battlefield 1's closed alpha on PS4

All the apples you could wish for, live at 3:30pm.

Feature | 'Empires fell. Teabags were invented' - DICE on the brilliant Battlefield 1

New game modes, the airship explained and avoiding the failings of Battlefield 4.

New Battlefield 1 gameplay revealed at E3

Airships and more unveiled in first in-game trailer.

EA dev chief initially rejected World War 1 setting for Battlefield

"I said World War I, it's trench warfare, it can't be fun to play."

Battlefield 1 now the top-rated trailer on YouTube

The Call of Duty downvote campaign continues.

EA unconcerned about releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 this autumn

They "fulfil different gameplay motivations", it says.

Battlefield announced live: watch here

UPDATE: Called Battlefield 1, release date set for October.

DICE teases today's Battlefield 5 reveal via Call of Duty poop emoji

Meanwhile, ex-Battlefield boss fuels WW1 speculation.