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Battlefield 1 Battlepacks, Scrap and Puzzle pieces explained

Get your head around multiplayer's consumables.

As you start playing Battlefield 1's multiplayer, you'll encounter a variety of consumables and currencies - Battlepacks, Scrap and Puzzle pieces - that allow you to customise the way the game's many weapons look.

All three of these are interlinked, and with some patience and a strong dose of luck, allow you some desirable skins and exclusive melee weapons in battle.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks - How do you get them?

Battlepacks return in Battlefield 1 as the primary way to get new weapon skins.

You get Battlepacks in two ways - by purchasing with Scrap and from a drop once a match has been completed.

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The chances of you receiving one at the end of a match is random; we've heard some players not getting any for a number of hours, while we got our first at the end of our second match, so it's a case of keeping playing until they start landing in your lap.

When you get some Scrap on you (see more on that below) you can go ahead to the Battlepacks screens (in the Options on the Main Menu) and start purchasing them. There are several varieties available, with the more pricier options giving you a higher chance of rare skin and other possible bonuses.

The types of Battlepacks available - known as 'Revisions' - will be regularly rotated by EA to give players new skins and bonuses over time. Here's what you see at launch:

  • Battlepack (200 Scrap, skin of any rarity)
  • Enhanced Battlepack (450 Scrap, better prospect of Legendary and bonus item)
  • Superior Battlepack (900 Scrap, Legendary guaranteed, even better prospect of bonus item)

Remember there is always a chance you'll get a Legendary in the standard pack; we received one in our very first 'Standard' open, so keep your fingers crossed no matter which pack you crack open.

Battlefield 1 Scrap - How do you earn it?

Scrap is a currency that can be spent on purchasing new Battlepacks (see above) and is received by dismantling weapon skins. Each rarity type results in a different amount of scrap dropped:

  • Special - 30 Scrap
  • Distinguished - 90 Scrap
  • Legendary - 270 Scrap

The way Scrap works ultimately results in a bit of a chicken and egg scenario - the only way to buy new Battlepacks is with Scrap, and Scrap only comes from dismantling weapon skins you receive from Battlepacks.

So in short, get matchmaking to receive Battlepacks through play, and start dismantling and saving your Scrap for the Battlepacks you want.

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Battlefield 1 Puzzle pieces - How do they work?

New to Battlefield this year are Puzzle pieces to unlock exclusive melee weapons. When you open a Battlepack, there is a chance you'll receive a Puzzle piece for one of the two weapons available at that time

If you earn five puzzle pieces for that specific melee weapon, it'll then be yours for the taking.

To increase your chances of getting Puzzle pieces, then make sure you target the more expensive Battlepacks that give you a higher chance of both rare skins and a puzzle piece.

Note that the weapons available could be time-limited and rotate with others on a semi-regular basis. At launch, the Bartek Bludgeon and Sawtooth Knife could be unlocked, and going by data leaks of the game's weapon roster, it appears that more could be offered overtime.

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