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Hitman's second Elusive Target will appear next weekend

Ready for your shot?

The second one-off Elusive Target mission in Hitman will go live next Friday, 27th May, publisher Square Enix has just confirmed.

This time you'll be hunting for "The Congressman" somewhere in the game's Sapienza location.

The same rules as last weekend's first Elusive Target mission apply - you only have one chance at the mission. If you fail, that's it - your target is gone for good.

Only 53 per cent of Hitman players who attempted the last mission were successful, with just 9.9 per cent able to complete it with the Silent Assassin accolade for being especially stealthy.

Our Ian "Greetings Gamsers" Higton was one of the lucky few who were successful. Watch him below:

Cover image for YouTube videoWatch us take out Hitman's first ever Elusive Target